TurfMaker® 325 - Low Profile Hydroseeder

Three tank loads

Finished in an hour

Base skid model machine starting at $7,856.50

Compare to a Jet Agitation Machine

TurfMaker® 1250 Deck & Railing

No Job too Big for the TurfMaker 1250 Hydroseeder!

Load 10 bags of thick mulch per tank load.

TurfMaker® 1000 Low Profile Hydroseeder

Serious Productivity

  • Skid Mounted,
  • Trailer Mounted,
  • 5th Wheel Trailer

Model 1000 Nicely Equipped for about $29,500

TurfMaker® 1250 Skid Mounted Hydroseeder

Hydraulic or Mechanical Drive; Diesel or Gas Engine Choice; Clear Water System Standard; Premium Tower Gun Standard;

Tower Distances up to 165 Feet; Hose Distances – 500 Feet or More

Load and Mix in Five Minutes!

What's Happening with TurfMaker® Hydroseeders

Turfmaker hydromulched lawn

TurfMaker® HydroSprigging

Tifway 419 – 42 Days to Total Grow-In

hydroseeder long-hose turfmaker

TurfMaker® 1250 Gas Engine Pipe Line Restoration

10 bags of Flexterra, 500 feet of hose

hydroseeding with turfmaker 550

TurfMaker® 550 Hydroseeder - Water Tank for 2nd Load

Airport – New Runway Construction

long hose hydromulcher

TurfMaker - Long Hose Application


hydroseeder erosion control

TurfMaker® 800 Low Profile

Mining Site – Erosion Control – Long Hose

high capacity hydroseeder turfmaker

TurfMaker® 425 Two 1,000 Gallon Water Tanks

2,400 Gallons of Application

hydroseeder honduras

TurfMaker® 550 in Honduras

Long hose application with Premium Mulch

hydromulch landfill

TurfMaker® 550 Tower Applications

Land Fill Cover – Poza Rica, Mexico

hydroseeder park

TurfMaker® with Powerful Gear Pump

Hydromulching a Park with Long Hoses

roadside hydroseeding

TurfMaker® 550 in Tahiti

Super Mulch on Roadside

roadside hydromulcher

TurfMaker® 325 in Pick-up Truck

Highway Application in Puerto Rico

landfill australia hydroseeding

TurfMaker® with Powerful Gear Pump

Landfill in Australia

hydroseeder drainage ditch

TurfMaker® 1000 Low Profile (Mechanical Drive)

St. Kitts Draining Ditch – Long Hose

golf course hydromulcher

Hydrosprigging with Sod Golf Course Construction

Zoysia and Hybrid Bermuda Grasses

hydro seeder long hose

Avoiding Clogs Saves Time

Our Clear Water System Keeps Dried Mulch from Clogging a Hose.