TurfMaker® 325

Low Profile Hydroseeder

Three Tank Loads
Base skid model machine starting at $8995.00

TurfMaker® 1200

Deck & Railing

No Job too Big for the TurfMaker 1200 Hydroseeder! Load 10 bags of thick mulch per tank load.

TurfMaker® 1000

Low Profile Hydroseeder

Serious Productivity. Model 1000 Nicely Equipped for about $29,500

TurfMaker® 1200

Skid Mounted Hydroseeder

Hydraulic or Mechanical Drive Tower Distances up to 165 Feet. Hose Distances – 500 Feet or More. Load and Mix in Five Minutes!

What's Happening with TurfMaker® Hydroseeders


hydroseeder park

TurfMaker® with Powerful Gear Pump

Hydromulching a Park with Long Hoses

roadside hydromulcher

TurfMaker® 325 in Pick-up Truck

Highway Application in Puerto Rico

hydroseeder honduras

TurfMaker® 550 in Honduras

Long hose application with Premium Mulch

golf course hydromulcher

Hydrosprigging with Sod Golf Course Construction

Zoysia and Hybrid Bermuda Grasses

landfill australia hydroseeding

TurfMaker® with Powerful Gear Pump

Landfill in Australia

hydroseeder drainage ditch

TurfMaker® 1000 Low Profile (Mechanical Drive)

St. Kitts Draining Ditch – Long Hose

hydroseeder long-hose turfmaker

TurfMaker® 1200 Gas Engine Pipe Line Restoration

10 bags of Flexterra, 500 feet of hose

hydroseeder erosion control

TurfMaker® 800 Low Profile

Mining Site – Erosion Control – Long Hose

hydromulch landfill

TurfMaker® 550 Tower Applications

Land Fill Cover – Poza Rica, Mexico

hydro seeder long hose

Avoiding Clogs Saves Time

Our Clear Water System Keeps Dried Mulch from Clogging a Hose.

roadside hydroseeding

TurfMaker® 550 in Tahiti

Super Mulch on Roadside

long hose hydromulcher

TurfMaker - Long Hose Application


hydroseeding with turfmaker 550

TurfMaker® 550 Hydroseeder - Water Tank for 2nd Load

Airport – New Runway Construction

Turfmaker hydromulched lawn

TurfMaker® HydroSprigging

Tifway 419 – 42 Days to Total Grow-In

high capacity hydroseeder turfmaker

TurfMaker® 425 Two 1,000 Gallon Water Tanks

2,400 Gallons of Application