Hydroseeders & Strawblowers

TurfMaker Corporation manufactures machinery for hydroseeding, hydromulching, hydrosprigging, and hydrosodding.


What is Your Company's Reputation Worth?

TurfMaker® - Premium Mulch Application

What is Your Time Worth?

TurfMaker® - Substantially Very Productive


  1. Good grass growing results occur using premium mulch applied at appropriate rates.
  2. Almost all jobs require numerous bags of mulch and multiple tank loads.
  3. A jet agitation machine is not advised for any quality-minded contractor.
  4. A paddle blade agitation machine & gear pump is advised for all hose applications.

Details Regarding Productivity & Quality

Beware of Low Cost Mulch Materials

Beware of Low Cost Machines

A 300-gallon jet agitation will likely cost $7,000 or $8,000. Premium mulch products are difficult to work with any jet agitation machine AND it can easily take up to an hour to load, mix, and apply one tank load with 2 bags of even deceit mulch with any jet agitation machine.

The TurfMaker 325, at an internet special price of $14,999 includes 125′ of clear braided hose. With paddle blade agitation and the TurfMaker positive displacement gear pump, it will be easy to apply 3 tank loads, each with 2 bags of the very best wood fiber mulch in about an hour.

Many home lawns are about 5,000 square feet. For Sod Quality Results, it is advisable to apply one bag of good quality mulch on about 1,000 square feet.


Big Job - Little TurfMaker®

This contractor figured out how to cover about 2½ acres a day with his TurfMaker® 550 using premium mulch applied at appropriate rates. The machine was loaded with 4 bags of mulch each tank and was able to pump the thick mulch slurry through long hoses up the slope. More than 2½ tank loads per hour was sprayed. NOTE: The availability of water is very important for productivity. See his water truck?
Panama Canal

Panama Canal project

The 1-2-3 of Machine Productivity

Our feature-rich machines will improve your productivity to get your jobs done faster, which means more profit for you!

1. Instant Loading and Mixing

Load the mulch, seed, and fertilizer as fast as the operators can.
(All materials should be in the tank before the water level reaches 2/3 full).

2. More Mulch Seed and Fertilizer per Gallon of Water

More mulch per tank load results in fewer tank loads to complete a job!

It is accurate to say that with a model 1200 TurfMaker, a job requiring 40 bags of mulch (about an acre) will be completed in four tank loads. With the competitors 1200 machine, applying 40 bags of mulch will take five tank loads. (Depending on lots of circumstances, it might take 30 to 40 minutes per tank load with either machine). All things being equal, it is accurate to say that the TurfMaker will get this particular sized job done in about 4/5 the time. (over a years time, that is a lot of labor time saved).

3. Avoiding Clogs

1. Free-flow hose fittings
2. Positive displacement pump (more pressure, more power)
3. Reamed Free flow nozzles
4. Clear water hose flush system
5. Reversible pump (hydraulic models)

In some cases, a clog can cause you to have to take the machine apart at the job site to clear it. That is a nightmare. In other cases, other machines are very prone to clogging, particularly when loaded too quickly. So avoiding a CLOG is a big deal. The reality, with TurfMaker machines, clogs are seldom a problem. With most other machines, it is.

TurfMaker Hydroseeder Features

Powerful Pump

With steel gears for more precision internally than any other gear pump, providing better pumping power for thick slurries through long hoses.

Clear Water System

The system and the hose should be flushed with clear water anytime spraying is stopped for more than a few minutes. Avoiding clogs saves a lot of time.

Fast Loading

Place the bag of mulch onto the loading surface and open the bag. Put the mulch directly into the tank. Mixing is almost instant.

Powerful Agitation

Mix any thick “super mulch” almost instantly with a powerful agitation system. Fast machine loading is the key to more tank loads in any workday.

Easy Cleaning

No Cross Members Inside the Tank. Save 10 to 15 minutes cleaning the tank. (No mulch catch points)

Available Hydroseeder Options

Hydraulic or Mechanical Drive

A hydroseeding machine has two primary functions: A mixing paddle system in the tank to mix the slurry of water, mulch, seed, and other ingredients and a pump for pumping the mulch slurry out of the tank for application onto the ground.

Gas or Diesel Engine

TurfMaker machines are designed in such a way that the customer has numerous engine options. Most smaller TurfMaker machines are ordered with gasoline engines. Most larger TurfMaker machines are ordered with diesel engines.

Deck & Railing Illustrations

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Low Profile Models

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Collapsible or Hard Hose

Operators typically prefer lighter-weight collapsible hose. A hard hose (non-collapsible) allows a machine to be equipped with a live hose reel*.

Wide Variety of Trailers

TurfMaker sells a wide variety of trailer types and configurations. Please call 1-800-527-2304 for more information.

Most Popular TurfMaker Hydroseeder Models

TurfMaker 325

The TurfMaker ® Model 325 hydroseeder with mechanical agitation and gear pump is a cost effective alternative to jet agitation machines.

TurfMaker 550

The TurfMaker ® 550 hydroseeder can plant a lot of grass in just a few hours. It is large enough to mix and apply 200 pounds of wood mulch or 300 pounds of paper mulch with one tank load.

TurfMaker 1200

TurfMaker 1200

The TurfMaker® 1200 hydroseeder is ideal for Sod Quality Results™ applications. A quality-minded contractor can apply wood fiber mulch at heavy rates, along with premium seed, tackifiers, fertilizer, and cover up to 7,500 – 10,000 sq ft. with a tank load.

TurfMaker Straw Blower

The TGMI Straw Blower is the leading compact straw blower in the landscape industry and the most widely used for industrial rentals. A straw blower is more efficient than hand-spreading straw. Two people can average 120 bales per hour. It will also reduce the amount of straw required by up to 20%.