Clear Water System

Clear Water to Flush the Hose

Dried mulch in the hose is a major clogging problem.  The system and the hose should be flushed with clear water anytime spraying is stopped for more than a few minutes.  Avoiding clogs saves a lot of time.
A 50 gallon holding tank provides enough water for two flushes of 200 feet of hose.
The 50 gallon tank is integrated into the 1200 gallon flat top machine.

Water to Make More Tank Loads at the Job Site

With the TurfMaker is on a flatbed truck along with two 1,000 gallon auxiliary water tanks, the contractor can apply 2,400 gallons of application without returning to the water source.  Each additional tank load takes about 5 minutes to load & mix.
This flatbed 1-ton truck has a 525 gallon water tank. The contractor can apply two tank loads of application without needing to return to the water source. This is enough application to finish many home lawns.

This system makes filling with garden hoses more practical. Multiple hoses can be used to fill the auxiliary water tank. Once application begins, the auxiliary water tank fills with water during the spraying time. It is sometimes possible to complete two tank loads of application per hour with a 550 TurfMaker.