Finn T30 compared to TurfMaker® 325

The Big Difference is Productivity


Easily save an hour on a small job requiring 3 or 4 tank loads.


You can load 2½ bags of Blended Mulch with Tackifier into a TurfMaker® 325 and go to work. You can load 1½ bags in a Finn T30.
When doing a typical 5,000 square foot lawn, 5 bags of mulch provides a good mulch application. With the TurfMaker, the job will be finished in less than an hour. If there is no clogging with the T30, the job will be done in less than 2 hours.

A TurfMaker® 325, 390, and 550 can most certainly be loaded and ready to shoot in 5 minutes. It can easily take 10 minutes with a T30.

Apply more mulch with each tank load,
Load each tank load faster.
Save as much as an hour on even a typical home lawn.


Why Such a Big Difference in Productivity?

The TurfMaker® Pump – More Mulch and No Clogs:

The precision 2” steel gear pump manufactured by TurfMaker® handles thick slurries much better than traditional centrifugal pumps. Entrapped air or pump cavitations just don’t occur with a TurfMaker® pump. The pump just chugs along at a very slow RPM and delivers thick mulch slurries with extreme power and without clogging.

The TurfMaker® Pump – Incredible Hose Pumping Power:

TurfMaker® machines are known for pumping thick mulch slurries through long hoses. Pumping a thick mix 300 feet is powerful pumping.
The Agitator:

The TurfMaker® agitator is very powerful and will mix the thickest slurries quickly. With TurfMakers, 550 gallons and smaller, it is typical to load, mix, and ready to shoot easily in less than 5 minutes. It is simply not necessary to fuss with getting the mulch into solution.

Cleaning up at the End of the Day:

TurfMakers® do not have cross members or other mulch catching points inside the tank. Look inside the tank of any other machine. Then consider the time and nuisance of cleaning that tank at the end of every work day.

How to double or triple the capacity of a small TurfMaker®

Add a plastic tank with enough water to make a second or third tank load!

Plastic water tanks can be purchased in 550 gallon or 725 gallon sizes. A plastic water tank can be coupled to any TurfMaker machine equipped with the Clear Water System self-filling option. By doing so, a second or even third tank load of water can be used to make another tank of mixture, without having to go back to the water source. The travel time and nuisance of going back to the water source is eliminated.

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Turfmaker 325 vs Finn T-30