Finn T30 Hydroseeder compared to TurfMaker 325


Finn T30 vs. TurfMaker 325: Two Big Differences

First: Load More Mulch per Tank Load

The TurfMaker gear pump allows the operator to pump a thick mixture through at least 250 feet of hose with only a 14 HP engine. A centrifugal pump, like those in the Finn T30, simply does not have the hose pumping power of a gear pump and requires more horsepower to operate. A Finn T30 hydroseeder, or even a Finn T60 hydroseeder, with a larger engine than a TurfMaker, may not be able to pump a thick mulch slurry through at least 250 feet of hose.

Second: Two or Three Tank Loads – One Trip to the Water Source

An extra tank of water can be taken to the job site, and with the self filling system the TurfMaker 325 can make a second or even a third tank load of mix without having to go back to the water source.  Loading and mixing takes about 5 minutes.  A TurfMaker 325 with an auxiliary water tank can easily apply 975 gallons of hydromulch slurry in less than an hour. With 2 ½ bags per tank load, most home lawns can be finished in about an hour.

When applying Flexerra®, the premium mulch product that takes the place of erosion control blankets, even the TurfMaker 325 can do up to an acre (at full specification application rates) in a long work day.  Compare the productivity of a Finn T30.  At most, 2 bags of Flexterra per tank load.  With 2 bags of Flexterra, 100 feet of hose is likely max with a T30 vs 250 feet with a TurfMaker.

A Final Note about Machine Design

TurfMaker machines are offered with very simple powerful direct drive systems or hydraulic drive systems.  Not only is a direct drive system simple and trouble free, it also reduces the horsepower required for big hydroseeder performance. Loading and mixing even the thickest slurries is quick and easy. Pumping those thick slurries through long hoses is also a big plus.

A Finn T30 with a hydraulically driven agitator (pump is on mechanical clutch), a centrifugal pump, and a larger engine simply costs more, AND, the performance speaks for itself!


Side by side, a Finn T30, and even a Finn T60, is no match for the TurfMaker 325 with an auxiliary tank.

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Turfmaker 325 vs Finn T-30