1. The TURFMAKER BRAND POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT PUMP is much more powerful than other pumps on any other hydroseeding or hydromulching machine. Note: Lack of pumping power (pressure) is the primary cause of most clogs.

2. All hydraulic TurfMakers CAN RUN THE PUMP IN REVERSE.  When using hard hose on a live reel, reversing the pump actually sucks the mulch out of the hose and back into the tank.

3. On non-hydraulic TurfMakers, the CLEAR WATER FLUSH SYSTEM provides for pumping clear water through the pump and hose. Flushing the hose with water prevents clogs.

4. All TurfMaker hoses have FREE FLOW CONNECTIONS.  With free flow connections, multiple sections of hose can be coupled with no clog-prone restrictions.

5. All TURFMAKER NOZZLES ARE TAPPERED INSIDE.  This extra refinement significantly reduces clogs in the nozzle.