Is it Hydro-seeding or Hydro-mulching?

Hydro-mulching Evolved from Hydro-seeding

Hydro-seeding was devised as a method of distributing and planting seed by spraying seed with water. Hydro-mulching was later developed as an improved method of hydro-seeding. Hydro-seeding became hydro-mulching when mulch was added to the mixture, and when the application on the ground was thick enough to hold the seed in place, resist soil erosion, and help retain soil moisture.

In most cases, for grass to emerge evenly and consistently, it is necessary to hold the seed in place and have moisture for germination. The key to good, consistent grass growing results is a good mulch application.

Mulch: The Difference in Hydro-Mulching

Scientific research, conducted by a number of universities, has shown that certain woods, ground with a special process, make the best mulch. It has also been determined that tackifier significantly improves the performance of all mulches. Today, hydro-mulching usually implies using a wood mulch, applied at effective rates. The best hydro-mulching mulch material is virgin wood fiber containing tackifier. Effective rates range from 35 to more than 75 pounds per 1,000 square feet. Paper mulch can not be applied at a rate higher than about 50 pounds per 1,000 square feet because it tends to form a detrimental crust.

Contractors who use better mulch material, and apply the mulch at higher rates always get better and more consistent results. To quickly apply any mulch slurry at heavier rates requires mixing thicker slurries in the machine, and applying more gallons of that slurry on the ground. To do this efficiently, the contractor must have a hydro-mulching machine capable of mixing and pumping thicker slurries quickly.

Hydro-seeding machines were originally not designed to mix and pump thick slurries. When hydro-mulching was developed, a specialized pump manufacturing company was called upon to develop the first Hydro-Mulching machine. A true hydro-mulching machine mixes thick slurries quickly, and pumps thick slurries through long hoses. True hydro-mulching machines have powerful mechanical agitation and a pump designed to pump these thick materials.

Experienced contractors know the cost of unhappy customers, and the cost of returning to a job site for a touch-up. Quality conscious contractors operate hydro-mulching machinery capable of mixing and pumping thick slurries. Better mulch applications yield better grass growing results. It’s just good business.