Hand build, Durable, Dependable. Turfmaker….. quality equipment for quality results. Time is money.  Our equipment has some of the fastest load and spray times with the thickest slurries for our hydroseeding machines.  The TGMI Straw Blower is the leading compact straw blower in the landscape industry and the most widely used for industrial rentals.


The Big Difference is Productivity!!


Options and Features

The TurfMaker Design Difference


Hydraulic and Mechanical Drive Systems:

provide massive power for mixing paddles to mix the slurry almost instantly

The Pump:

The most important pumping function for hose applications is the ability to pump thick slurries through long hoses. The most important pumping function for tower applications is to shoot any slurry, thick or thin sufficient distances. Whether or not the pump is driven with a mechanical system or a hydraulic system is of no importance if the pump is turned with adequate power and speed.

TurfMaker® machines are known for pumping thick mulch slurries through long hoses. Pumping a 10 bag mix of Flexterra HP-FGM® 500 feet up the side of a mountain with a TurfMaker® 1200 is powerful pumping.

The Agitator:

Mix any thick “super mulch” almost instantly.With a powerful agitation system, loading mulch is quick and easy. Fast machine loading is the key to more tank loads in any work day.

  • Load and Mix Almost InstantlyPicture1-resized
  • No Waiting. No Clogging.
  • Easily Stir any 100% Wood Mulch
  • Mix any thick “super mulch” almost instantly.



Inside The Tank:

TurfMakers® do not have cross members or other mulch catching points inside the tank. Look inside the tank of any other machine. Then consider the time and nuisance of cleaning that tank at the end of every work day.Picture 1-resized

You can find Turfmaker all over the world serving industries of: Erosion Control, Landscape, Municipal, Solid Waste Landfill, Mine & Oil Field Reclamation, Playground, Construction, Golf, and Equipment Rentals.

TurfMaker…. for quality results.