Our History



James Lincoln began business in 1972 as a hydro-mulching contractor, planting grass on home lawns using a 350 gallon Bowie Hydro-Mulcher. During the first four years of business, other contractors came to Lincoln seeking guidance as he was purchasing materials and supplies. Lincoln discontinued the contracting business in 1976 to become a full time materials supplier and also to sell Bowie Hydro-Mulchers. By 1978, Lincoln had started developing innovations on Bowie machines, creating the clear water flush system and ultimately the first 5th wheel 1,100 gallon machine. He designed and built first 200 gallon miniature machine in 1990. ,which initially was called a TurfMaker, but came to market as a “Baby Bowie” and enjoyed success throughout the 1990s. In 1995, Lincoln sought additional manufacturing capacity for building the first 425 gallon TurfMaker. A brief partnership existed with a farm machinery manufacturing company building the first TurfMaker product. Due to philosophical disagreements, that relationship was severed in 1998 and Lincoln began TurfMaker manufacturing. Since 1998, TurfMaker manufacturing has become the fastest growing and most successful hydro-mulching machine manufacturing company in the market. The TurfMaker of today has numerous improvements over the machine of yesterday and innovations are ongoing.

Lincoln has been a staunch supporter of turfgrass research at Texas A&M University. He has served on the Board of Directors of the International Erosion Control Association and the Associated Landscape Contractors of America. He has also served on the Advisory Council of the Conwed Corporation, and was involved with the Weyerhauser Corporation with the first Bonded Fiber Matrix product known as Soil Guard. He was honored in 1990 as Associate Member of the Year by the Texas Landscape Contractors Association, and received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Hydro-Turf Planters Association in 2002.

Lincoln is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with degrees in Economics and Accounting. He also holds a Masters degree in Executive Management from Pepperdine University. He holds a patent on an innovative hydro-sprigging grass planting technique with the TurfMaker machine, and has two patents pending on innovative TurfMaker pump designs.

Hydro-Mulching – A Grass Planting Process was written by James Lincoln in 1978, and was then published in Landscape Management Magazine. It was revised and published in a Canadian Parks Management magazine about 1990, and has been revised again for other publication purposes.