Turfmaker® Rental Units

A Hydroseeder for Experienced Contractors or First Time user - So Simple, So Powerful
Model 550 on Trailer with Optional Tower Gun

Model 550 on Trailer with Optional Tower Gun

Model 700 on Trailer with Optional Tower Gun

Why is TurfMaker the Hydroseeder of Choice for Rental Service?

The Pump and Agitator are Driven by Hydraulics – Both are Reversible for No Clog Operations

  1. The TurfMaker Pump can run backwards to clear a clog anywhere in the system.
  2. The hose has free flow fittings eliminating any chance of a hose clog.
  3. The pipes are all designed with smooth flow connections throughout to avoid clogs.
  4. The nozzles are all cam-lock quick connected for easy and quick nozzle change.
  5. The TurfMaker is the Cadillac of Hydroseeders. (A recent quote from a rental store).

TurfMaker has designed a machine for Rental Service that will make renting a Hydroseeder easy and profitable. The rental customer will appreciate the powerful pumping and ease of operations.

Specifications Model 390 Model 550 Model 700
Engine Kohler 14 HP Honda 22 HP Kohler 25 HP
Length & Width 162″ x 80″ 180″ x 80″ 198″ X 80″
Weight – Empty/Loaded 3000 lbs / 6600 lbs 3400 lbs / 7800 lbs 3800 lbs / 9600 lbs

Machines come standard with two non-collapsible hoses (one 75’ and one 50’), a hose rack for easy hose storage, and two hose application nozzles. The trailer comes standard with surge brakes. The optional tower gun is supplied with two tower application long range nozzles. Experienced contractors will choose a TurfMaker® every time because of its fast loading and its powerful pumping capabilities. First time users will find the machine simple and easy to operate.