Tank Load Coverage

The area covered with a tank load of mulch, seed, and fertilizer (slurry) depends on the way it is applied to the ground.

 With a very small nozzle, as much as an acre (43,560 Sq. ft.) can be covered with as little as 465 gallons of slurry. The 465 gallons of slurry could easily be mixed with the appropriate amount of seed for an acre. However, only a limited amount of mulch can be mixed in 465 gallons of water. (If too much mulch is added, the slurry becomes too thick to pump.) The amount of mulch that is possible to be mixed in 465 gallons of water is not nearly enough for adequate coverage on an acre. Therefore, the application would simply be planting seed on an acre with a minimal amount of mulch.

The same 465 gallons of slurry could be applied to as little as 3,000 sq. ft. by using a larger nozzle and making a thicker application. The amount of seed for 3,000 sq. ft would be mixed in the tank. If 180 lbs of premium wood mulch was in the tank load, the mulch coverage would be relatively heavy, and would provide an excellent probability to achieve SOD QUALITY RESULTS.