See why Rental houses and Contractors alike are upgrading to TurfMaker

“I’ve had 2 550 Hydraulic machines in rental service for 3 years. I’m adding a 3rd to my fleet this year. My customers love them!”

-A.B., San Antonio, TX

“Our project started shortly after we bought the machine from you. It ran a total of 27 days at 10-12 hours a day. We rented a Finn for 4 of those days for a last minute push. The guys all agreed that the TurfMaker can out spray a Finn any day.”

-H.L., Georgia

“ … The TurfMaker truly is a little “big” machine.  The size and design of the paddle makes it possible to put all the hydro straw in the tank then add water.  Makes for a very efficient operation.  I owned 2 jet machines before I was introduced to the TurfMaker.  Jim, I’m like the farmer when he was introduced to the tractor, he never went back to those horses again!”

-V.R., Washington

“I had a guy from Iowa call me yesterday asking about my 1200 TurfMaker. Pretty sure I closed the deal for you. Glad I could be of help. Your machine sells itself and the customer service is second to none! Hard to find”.

-CD – Garden City, Kansas

“My rental customer told me this is the “Cadillac of the hydroseeders”. These guys really like this machine (TurfMaker)”.

-JB – Rental Company – Ohio

“I had only read about hydro seeders on the Internet when I decided to become adventurous and try my hand in hydro seeding. After talking with Dave Myron and having him stop by Illinois for a demonstration I was very impressed with the Turf Maker brand.  The machines are super reliable and extremely user friendly.  Whenever I have run into a problem and have a question Dave has been there no matter what time or day.  I would recommend the Turf Maker brand to anyone!  Keep up the good work!”

N.K. – Sparland – IL

“We have rented a Finn T-60 hydroseeder and a Finn T-90 hydroseeder numerous times. We just rented a TurfMaker 700 Hydraulic. I was blown away by the ease of use and the functionality of this machine. We will choose a TurfMaker over a Finn whenever available.”

– J.D. – Roseville MN

“Turfmaker! Wow….This machine is so well designed, I can train my crew in hours! Turfmaker is the only machine I will use. Looking at the designs of the other manufacturers this machine is a simple and efficient piece of equipment. Manuals are simple and easy to use. Supplies and Sales are a pleasure to work with. This is a machine that will be around for a long time. I have the 550, and have been able to call myself the instant expert!”

-T.P., Vancouver, Canada

“Just a few lines to let you know how much I appreciate your service to me this past summer. We have used the TurfMaker regularly since purchasing last summer. I have just fininshed a project in Hot Springs Ar, on an apartment compolex and am amazed at how good it looks, I’ve also done a 35 acre project at Heber Springs Arkansas on a city complex that had 8 baseball fields and 5 soccer fields. On this project I used the wood fiber mulch and was very satisfied with the results. I do plan to purchase another machine in the spring. I will definetly purchase another TurfMaker machine. Thanks”

-C.C. – Perryville AR

“I purchased a Turfmaker 550 from Dave Myren.  I had never operated or even seen a hydroseeder other than on the internet.  Dave delivered the machine to my brother’s shop.  I was still living 1700 miles away at the time so he wasn’t able to give me personal instruction.  Due to the simplicity of this machine and a few instructions from Dave via e-mail, my first season was a huge success.  I look forward to another season and expect we will need an additional machine soon.  Thanks Dave and everyone else at Turfmaker.”

-B.S., South Dakota.

“…I purchased a TurfMaker 550 and it was delivered to my first job in St. Francisville, LA by Dave Myren. Dave not only delivered the piece of equipment personally, he was willing to stay on the job and train/demonstrate the equipment until I felt comfortable. This says a lot about TurfMaker and Dave personally. I spoke to other distributors while pricing the equipment and never had any one of them offer to deliver and train in person. Since then, Dave remains available for technical support over the phone. I feel that this business relationship with TurfMaker was a very wise move for me and my company. I look forward to continuing a business relationship with TurfMaker”.

-JDC, Louisiana

“We have used the TurfMaker in a variety of applications and it has accumulated about 750 hours of use. We often use the machine in extreme circumstances where access is a problem… We require dependable machinery when we work in remote regions of Alaska and we have not experienced any mechanical problems with the machine. The function of a hydroseeder is to blend a variety of components like seed, fertilizer, & mulch with a slurry of water to facilitate the hydraulic application onto a prepared seedbed. It has been our experience and my opinion that when our trained operators use the TurfMaker in accordance with the instructions, the slurry is well mixed and the spray from the nozzle distributes the product evenly on the ground surface.”

-M.E.W., Alaska

“I would like to express my satisfaction with my company’s purchase of a TurfMaker hydromulcher. I also believe that this machine is on the cutting edge of technology. TurfMaker Corp has been exceptional in its sales and follow thru of the purchase of the hydromulcher. I have used the equipment on approximately 250 jobs in this year alone and I am extremely satisfied with the way the machine performed. I cannot say enough about the excellent treatment that I have received…”

-D.B., Washington

“I would like to compliment you on the TurfMaker I purchased. It is well constructed and reliable. It batches slurry quickly and thoroughly. Its design…allows me to get the precise application that I need… I have met with much success using this machine and have no doubt my revenue will continue to grow… Thanks for the great machine to help me get the job done…”

-H.L., Wisconsin

“We are a small company which specializes in hydroseeding services for lawn establishment and erosion control, having initially started in May of 2000. My business was started, after extensive research and discussion with other hydroseeding contractors, with a TurfMaker due to its reputation in the industry and its attractive price. I am able to say that I have not regretted this choice and I am still planting turfgrass… In fact, my only consideration is whether or not to purchase another TurfMaker machine as my business continues to grow…”

-D.M., Mississippi

“I purchased a TurfMaker 550 about 3 years ago.  I did a lot of research and thought it was the best deal.  My set up is a 550 with a 500 gallon auxiliary tank… I have been very impressed with the TurfMaker and have seeded around 200 yards giving sod quality results.  I have been given a new name in a high end development, “The Hydro-seeding Guy”.”

-M.M., Maryland