The TurfMaker® 325 Hydroseeder

The TurfMaker ® Model 325 hydroseeder with mechanical agitation and gear pump is a cost effective alternative to jet agitation machines. Typically, jet agitation hydroseeders are limited to soupy slurries of paper mulch. Soupy paper mulch applications washout easily with rain and frequently yield spotty seed germination. Poor grass growing results make unhappy customers. The TurfMaker ® 325 easily mixes and pumps thicker wood mulch slurries associated with Sod Quality Results™ and happy satisfied customers.

The TurfMaker ® 325 fully loaded weighs less than 4,000 pounds and is designed to fit  in the back of a standard bed pick-up truck.  Getting in and out of tight areas is quick and easy.

The most significant option is the self-filling and clear water hose flushing system.

A 550 gallon plastic tank on a trailer provides an on-board water source for two additional tank loads of application.  This combination is capable of three tank loads of application with one trip to the water source.  This is almost equal to a 975 gallon machine.  A quality mulch application can be completed on a typical home lawn in about an hour.

Jet agitation machine buyers have wasted time on the job, time in their career, and performed poor grass planting services for their clientele, just because they did not know what it takes to produce good results with the hydroseeding process. Spraying colored water is not good business. Providing grass planting services with appropriate applications of quality mulch will produce Sod Quality Results™ nearly every time. This good service results in satisfied customers and good future referral business.

TurfMaker ® 325


Configuration Includes:

  • Honda 13 HP Manual Start Included
  • Kohler 14 HP Electric Start (Additional)
  • 75’ Clear Braided hose w/ One Nozzle
  • Single Axle Trailer (Additional)

The base configuration TurfMaker ® 325 will mix and pump any mulch product (including Flexterra®) up to 125 pounds per tank load and pump that thick slurry through at least 200 feet of hose.  Typical thickness slurries can be pumped through longer hoses. Load and mix time 5 minutes.

Popular Options:

  • Add a Clear Water Flush System for flushing the hose with water tank.

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TurfMaker 325 – Physical Specifications

Total Capacity – Total Gallons: 325

Approximate Empty Weight – Varies Depending on Options 1,400 lbs
Approximate Weight of Slurry in Tank 2,700 lbs
Approximate Loaded Weight – Varies Depending on Options 4,100 lbs

Typical Length with Most Engines 80″ – 85″
Skid Frame Width 47″
Overall Width 56″
Overall Height 55″

Standard Engine: Honda GX 390. Other Engines Available.
Standard Pump: Rotary Gear, Positive Displacement
Trailer Option: Single Axle (5,200 lbs axle)

TurfMaker 325 – Performance Specifications

Total Capacity – Total Gallons: 325

Total Pounds of Mulch per Tank Load

Maximum lbs Thick Wood Mulch (Flexterra or BFM) 125 lbs
Maximum lbs blended Wood Mulch ** 150 lbs
Maximum lbs Paper Mulch 175 lbs

Total Area Covered per Tank Load

Tank Load Coverage with Excellent Mulch Coverage
(Flexterra or BFM applied at 80 lbs per 1,000 sq ft
1,560 sq ft
Tank Load Coverage Typical Home Lawn Application
(Blended Mulch applied at 50 lbs per 1,000 sq ft)
150 lbs
Tank Load Coverage with Thin Mulch Application
(Paper Mulch applied at 25 lbs per 1,000 sq ft)
7,000 sq ft

Total Time Required per Tank Load

Typical Time to Spray One Tank Load – Hose Application 11 Minutes
Typical Time to Load and Mix One Tank Load
Cycle time. Add the time to and from the water source
4 Minutes

Pumping Power – Spraying Distances

Typical hose applications – Length of Hose up to 300 ft. 300 hose length
Larger Engine Options – Length of Hose up to 1,000 ft 1,000 hose length

Note: Long distance applications depend on larger engines to get the most distance from the end of the nozzle.

Up to 150 spray distance from the end of the nozzle

** Blended mulches can be loaded more or less depending upon brand and density.