The TurfMaker® 550 Hydroseeder


  • Powerful Mechanical Agitation
  • Positive Displacement Gear Pump
  • Optional Self Filling with Auxiliary Tank
  • Optional Clear Water
  • Hose Flushing System
  • Hydro-Sprigging & Vegetative Planting
  • Bonded Fiber Matrix Products as Specified

A Real Hydroseeding Machine for Sod Quality Results

The TurfMaker ® 550 hydroseeder can plant a lot of grass in just a few hours. It is large enough to mix and apply 200 pounds of wood mulch or 300 pounds of paper mulch with one tank load. In addition, it is fast enough to mix and apply as many as four tank loads per hour. The area planted with one tank load can range from 2,000 to 15,000 square feet, depending on the mulch thickness applied to the ground. Thicker and better mulch applications almost always provide more reliable results.

The TurfMaker ® 550 hydroseeder is powerful enough to pump a thick mulch slurry through 500 feet of hose, and then project the mulch slurry more than 75 feet from the end of the hose. With this power and mulch handling capacity, the TurfMaker ® 550 hydroseeder can often apply more mulch, and plant more area per hour, than significantly larger machines. It is not necessary to use a lot of water to apply a lot of mulch.

The TurfMaker ® 550 hydroseeder does not need a high volume water source, such as a fire hydrant for filling. This machine can use water from an auxiliary water tank, and fill itself without ever leaving the job site. The auxiliary water tank can fill continuously with two garden hoses, and supply enough water for three or four tank loads per hour. When a high volume water source is not close by, the TurfMaker ® 550 hydroseeder can actually work faster and apply more mulch per hour than even a 3,000 gallon machine.

The TurfMaker ® 550 hydroseeder is small enough to mount on a flat bed truck along with an auxiliary water tank, or it can mounted on a utility trailer. It will even fit inside the bed of a pick up truck. If weight is a problem, the machine will satisfactorily mix and pump as little as 125 gallons of slurry. With this compactness and versatility, the TurfMaker ® 550 hydroseeder can be taken into places larger machines can’t go.

Base Configuration:
The base TurfMaker® 550 will mix and pump any mulch product (including Flexterra®) up to 200 pounds per tank load and pump that slurry through at least 300 feet of hose. This configuration includes:

  • Honda 13hp engine
  • 75’ TurfMaker hose
  • 1 40 GPM Nozzle

For Greater Productivity, Add a Clear Water Flush System for quick and easy clean up.

  • Clear Water Flush System
  • Vanguard 16hp engine
  • 125’ TurfMaker Hose
  • 3 nozzles and manual storage reel

This unit satisfies all but the most robust needs.

If you still need more power, enough to pump Flexterra through 500’ of hose, consider the Ultimate 550 TurfMaker ideal for Flexterra and Soil Guard:

Upgrade with a

  • Hard chromed pump
  • Honda 20hp engine
  • 200’ of TurfMaker hose
  • 3 nozzles and manual storage reel

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TurfMaker 550 – Physical Specifications

Total Capacity – Total Gallons: 550

Approximate Empty Weight – Varies Depending on Options 1,700 lbs
Approximate Weight of Slurry in Tank 4,600 lbs
Approximate Loaded Weight – Varies Depending on Options 6,150 lbs

Typical Length with Most Engines 96″ – 101″
Skid Frame Width 47″
Overall Width 56″
Overall Height 61″

Standard Engine: Kohler CH 620. Other Engines Available.
Standard Pump: Rotary Gear, Positive Displacement
Trailer Option: Double Axle (3,500 lbs axles)

TurfMaker 550 – Performance Specifications

Total Capacity – Total Gallons: 550

Total Pounds of Mulch per Tank Load

Maximum lbs Thick Wood Mulch (Flexterra or BFM) 200 lbs
Maximum lbs blended Wood Mulch ** 225 lbs
Maximum lbs Paper Mulch 275 lbs

Total Area Covered per Tank Load

Tank Load Coverage with Excellent Mulch Coverage
(Flexterra or BFM applied at 80 lbs per 1,000 sq ft
2,500 sq ft
Tank Load Coverage Typical Home Lawn Application
(Blended Mulch applied at 50 lbs per 1,000 sq ft)
4,500 sq ft
Tank Load Coverage with Thin Mulch Application
(Paper Mulch applied at 25 lbs per 1,000 sq ft)
11,000 sq ft

Total Time Required per Tank Load

Typical Time to Spray One Tank Load – Hose Application 18 Minutes
With a Tower Gun Option, Spraying from the Tower 5 1/2 Minutes
Typical Time to Load and Mix One Tank Load
Cycle time. Add the time to and from the water source
5 Minutes

Pumping Power – Spraying Distances

Typical hose applications – Length of Hose up to 300 ft. 300 hose length
Larger Engine Options – Length of Hose up to 1,000 ft 1,000 hose length

Note: Long distance applications depend on larger engines to get the most distance from the end of the nozzle.

Up to 150 spray distance from the end of the nozzle

** Blended mulches can be loaded more or less depending upon brand and density.