The TurfMaker® 800 Hydroseeder

The Ideal Machine for Any Job — Large or Small !

The TurfMaker ® 800 hydroseeder is large enough to provide thick wood mulch applications on small home lawn sites, or thin “hydro-seeding” applications on as much as 25,000 square feet.  Either tank load can be loaded, mixed, and applied in less than thirty minutes. In addition, up to as many as 20 tank loads can be applied in a normal workday, assuming water for re-filling is readily available. Availability of water is never a problem with a TurfMaker ® 800. The best productivity is usually accomplished utilizing a fire hydrant for loading. However, when a fire hydrant is not available, the machine can fill itself from an auxiliary water tank using the exclusive TurfMaker ® self-filling system.

The TurfMaker ® 800 hydroseeder, with its powerful, direct-drive mechanical agitation system can quickly mix up to 325 pounds of 100% Wood Fiber Mulch or up to 500 pounds of shredded paper in one tank load. With the positive displacement pump, thick mulch slurries can be pumped through up to 500 feet of hose, and then spray more than 75 feet from the end of the hose. For the best and highest quality applications, tackifiers are always recommended. Slicky Sticky ® is a leading erosion control tackifier product that also makes the slurry extremely slick, reducing or eliminating clogs completely. Slicky Sticky ® also increases moisture retention and enhances seed germination.

The TurfMaker ® 800 hydroseeder can be mounted on a heavy duty flat bed truck, on a heavy-duty utility trailer, or can be purchased on the custom heavy duty two axle trailer shown above. The TurfMaker ® 800 hydroseeder is large enough to cover a lot of area with one tank load, and small enough to be taken into places larger machines can’t go. It provides fast and efficient performance with wood mulch for the quality-minded landscaping contractor.

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TurfMaker 800 – Physical Specifications

Total Capacity – Total Gallons: 800

Approximate Empty Weight – Varies Depending on Options 2,500 lbs
Approximate Weight of Slurry in Tank 6,650 lbs
Approximate Loaded Weight – Varies Depending on Options 9,150 lbs

Typical Length with Most Engines 151″ – 163″
Skid Frame Width 47″
Overall Width 56″
Overall Height 61″

Standard Engine: Kohler CH 620. Other Engines Available.
Standard Pump: Rotary Gear, Positive Displacement
Trailer Option: Double Axle (5,200 lbs axles)

TurfMaker 800 – Performance Specifications

Total Capacity – Total Gallons: 800

Total Pounds of Mulch per Tank Load

Maximum lbs Thick Wood Mulch (Flexterra or BFM) 325 lbs
Maximum lbs blended Wood Mulch ** 350 lbs
Maximum lbs Paper Mulch 400 lbs

Total Area Covered per Tank Load

Tank Load Coverage with Excellent Mulch Coverage
(Flexterra or BFM applied at 80 lbs per 1,000 sq ft
3,759 sq ft
Tank Load Coverage Typical Home Lawn Application
(Blended Mulch applied at 50 lbs per 1,000 sq ft)
7,000 sq ft
Tank Load Coverage with Thin Mulch Application
(Paper Mulch applied at 25 lbs per 1,000 sq ft)
16,000 sq ft

Total Time Required per Tank Load

Typical Time to Spray One Tank Load – Hose Application 27 Minutes
With a Tower Gun Option, Spraying from the Tower 8 Minutes
Typical Time to Load and Mix One Tank Load
Cycle time. Add the time to and from the water source
6 Minutes

Pumping Power – Spraying Distances

Typical hose applications – Length of Hose up to 300 ft. 300 hose length
Larger Engine Options – Length of Hose up to 1,000 ft 1,000 hose length

Note: Long distance applications depend on larger engines to get the most distance from the end of the nozzle.

Up to 150 spray distance from the end of the nozzle

** Blended mulches can be loaded more or less depending upon brand and density.