What is Hydro-Sprigging?

Planting Living Pieces of Grass Instead of Seed

The terms “hydro-seeding” and “hydro-mulching” have been used to define an improved grass seeding processes. Seed is not available for some grass varieties. However, some grasses can be planted by using living pieces of grass instead of seed in the tank of a TurfMaker ®. These grass sprigs are harvested from an existing stand of grass, usually at a sod farm. At this time, the only grasses that are commonly “hydro-sprigged” are warm season grasses such as the numerous varieties of hybrid Bermuda grass.

A Variety of Grasses Available

More varieties of grasses are being developed by grass scientists that are better adapted to special conditions. Some of these grasses require less water or fertilizer. Some can be mowed extremely close, making them ideal for putting greens. Some can thrive in more shade than others. Some can survive under conditions of heavy foot traffic punishment. These improved and highly desirable varieties of grasses are becoming more available. Most of these improved varieties must be propagated vegetatively.

Vegetative Planting Technology

“Hydro-sprigging” is becoming more widely used to plant grasses vegetatively at substantially less costs than solid sodding. The chemistry and technology are emerging making hydro-sprigging a highly reliable way to plant these new grasses. The TurfMaker ® is a very affordable machine capable of this “Vegetative Planting Technology”.

Ask About Available TurfMaker Seminars

Note that a higher level of training is necessary to be successful with this grass-planting process. If you are in a warm season grass area, talk to your TurfMaker ® dealer about special seminars available in your area.